Defense Day

Today 6th of September we got independence for second time from the oppressors and we as a nation proved that we are a respectable nation and knows how to get respect. That day in Asia’s Muslim history has very significance when after a long time Muslim fought with that spirit with which Muslims were fought earlier under a supreme leadership of Muhammad (S.A.W.W) in battles with kuffar’s . On that day Indian army with their tanks and troops enters in Pakistan boundaries without any warning and make sure to world that they are oppressors and cowards . They enter from two boarders one from Sialkot and other from Lahore Wahga boarder with a approach that they will drink tea in oval ground GCU Lahore. They receive a lot of humiliation in that day and they cant even come more than 2 miles in Pakistan and in Sialkot the “biggest fight of tanks” after World War II being fought and India loose that war too. That battle continues for seventeen days and on 23rd of September India goes to Russia for help and then Tashkent Declaration of 10 January 1966 is signed by Indian and Pakistan and that was the end of Indo-Pak War of 1965.

I would wish if i could pay tribute to each and every Shaheed and Ghazi here, but that’s not possible. a few famous faces from the 1965 war whom we salute to symbolize our love for those men in uniform, along with their tales, are being posted here. I’d request everyone to post here names and tales, personal, heard from a friend, of a relative, acquaintance, pictures memories etc whatever, to freshen up the blood drops of those brave men. that’s what this blog is all about. celebrate the Defense Day! thanks.
I would have loved to write their entire stories in my own words, but that would take a bit too long, so i’m pasting the official citations here.

Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed, Nishan-i-Haider

Born 1928 in Hong Kong. Commissioned into the Punjab Regiment, 1950. On 6 September 1965, as Company Commander in the Burki area of the Lahore sector, Major Bhatti chose to move with his forward platoon under incessant artillery and tank attacks for five days and nights in the defense of the strategic BRB canal. Throughout, undaunted by constant fire from enemy shell arms, tanks and artillery, he organized the defense of the canal, directing his men to answer the fire until he was hit by an enemy tank shell which killed him on 10 September 1965. He was 37 years old.

Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmed Rafiqui Shaheed, Sitara-e-Jurat,Hilal-i-Jurat

On 6 September, 1965, Squadron Leader Sarfaraz Ahmad Rafiqui led a formation of 3 F-86 aircraft on a strike against Halwara airfield. The formation was intercepted by about 10 Hunter aircraft out of which Squadron Leader Rafiqui accounted for one in the first few seconds. But then his guns jammed due to a defect and stopped firing. However, Rafiqui refused to leave the battle area which he would have been perfectly justified to do; instead he ordered his No. 2 to take over as leader and continue the engagement while he tried to give the formation as much protection as was possible with an unarmed aircraft. This called on the part of Squadron Leader Rafiqui. The end for him was never in doubt but he chose to disregard it and, in the process, his aircraft was shot down and he was killed but not before enabling his formation to shoot down 3 more Hunter aircraft. Rafiqui’s conduct was clearly beyond the call of duty and conformed to the highest traditions of leadership and bravery in battle against overwhelming odds. For this and his earlier exploits, he is awarded Hilal-i-Jurat and Sitara-i-Jurat.

Flt Lt Yunus Hussain Shaheed, Sitara-e-Jurat

Flight Lieutenant Yunus Hussain fought in air battles aggressively, fearlessly and with great professional skill. During one such engagement he fought singly against 6 enemy aircraft and shot down 2 Hunters. Though his own aircraft was damaged in this encounter, he managed to bring it back to base safely. On 6 September, while attacking Halwara airfield, his small formation was intercepted by a large number of enemy and, although his aircraft was hit, he refused to break off the engagement, in complete disregard of personal safety, and was reported missing from this mission. He became a symbol of courage and professional ability for other pilots. For his gallantry, valor, professional skill and devotion to duty he is awarded Sitara-i-Jurat.

Squadron Leader (Now Air Cdr. retd.) M. M. Alam, Sitara-e-Jurat (Bar)

On 6th September, 1965, during an aerial combat over enemy territory, Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam flying as pilot of an F-86 Sabre Jet, shoot down two enemy Hunter aircraft and damaged three others. For the exceptional flying skill and valor displayed by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam in operations, he was awarded Sitara-i-Juraat. On 7th September, 1965, in a number of interception missions flown by Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam against the enemy aircraft attacking Pakistan Air Force Station, Sargodha, Squadron Leader Alam destroyed five more enemy Hunter aircrafts. In less than a minute , which remains a record till today.Overall he had nine kills and two damages to his credit. For the exceptional flying skill and valor shown by him in pressing home his attacks in aerial combats with the enemy, Squadron Leader Mohammad Mahmood Alam is awarded a bar to his Sitara-i-Juraat.

We celebrate that day as a “Defense day” and so many ceremonies are being held on this day in memory of martyrs who give their life’s for us for our better tomorrow and in that day we should never forget them in our prayers. May their souls rest in peace and Allah grant them more higher grades in jannah. Ameen


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  1. NumanTariQ September 6, 2015 / 8:43 am

    They all are our heros, may ALLAH grants them higher places in jannah amen.

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