A life full of tragedies

He is a freedom fighter and leading Kashmir movement on front-line and serves as the Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Since 1995, lately he renounced violence and calls for strictly peaceful methods to come to a settlement on the Kashmir conflict and started a guerilla war with the Indian security forces, kidnapping the Daughter of Rubbaya saeed, the daughter of Indian Home Minister, and targeting attacks on the government and security officials. In March 1990, Ashfaq Wani was killed in a battle with Indian security forces. In August 1990, Yasin Malik was captured in a wounded condition. He was imprisoned until May 1994. Hamid Sheikh was also captured in 1992 but released by the border security force to counteract the pro-Pakistan guerillas. By 1992, the majority of the JKLF militants were killed or captured and they were yielding ground to pro-Pakistan guerilla groups such as the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, strongly promoted by the Pakistani military authorities.

In October 1999, Malik was arrested by Indian Authorities under the Public Safety Act and was again arrested on March 26, 2002 under the POTA; Yasin married Pakistani artist Mushaal Hussein Mullick in 2009.They became parents to a girl named Raziyah Sultana in March 2012 , he was detained for almost a year. On 4 December 2013, JKLF claimed that Malik was thrown out of a hotel in New Delhi with his wife and 18-month-old daughter due to his political Ideology separation.

Currently he is leading Kashmir movement courageously and the picture shown here is taken on his bail after four years in which even he was not allowed ed to see her daughter.. what a man and what a sacrifice for his mission for his nation !! his efforts couldn’t be forgotten for a long time of period ,  Yasin malik a name of freedom and courage !!!