Our Ulema, so called the protector of Islam

( A note from the book dissent of Haari )

The illegal Fatwa During that period, a strange incident took place. A pamphlet signed by sixteen Ulemas led by the late Maulana Abdul Hamid Badayyuni, appeared in the market. In this pamphlet the ulemas alleged that they had read the Note of dissent and were of the opinion that it was un-Islamic and that the writer of the Note had communist leanings. The pamphlet gave a rude shock to the public which was unable to understand as to how the ulemas got hold of the Note of Dissent of which the publication had been banned by the Sind Government. It was suspected that some feudal ministers in the Sind Government had clandestinely passed it to the Ulema. Luckily, concrete evidence became available to Masud against a feudal Minister of the Government who had made an attractive offer to the Ulemas for writing the “fatwa” in the pamphlet.

Tu Idher Udher Ki Na Baat Kar,
Ye Bataa Ke Qaafila Kiun Lutaa???
Mujhay Rahzano Se Gila Nahi,
Teri Rehbari KA Sawal Hay..

Masud served the Sind Government a notice through his lawyer AK Brohi on 6th May, 1949, claiming Rs. 500,000 as damages for defamation. 20 The Central Government was not at all happy at this ugly development and a meeting was held in the office of Liaquat Ali Khan to settle the matter who requested Masud to withdraw his notice and promised to intervene. One month later, Yousaf Haroon became the Chief Minister and was the first Chief Minister of Sind, who did not hail from the feudal class. Finally he ordered the publication of the Note of Dissent on 20th June, 1949. The foolish action of the Sind Government in suppressing the Note and the resultant controversy in the Press and public agitation for over a year, brought to the Note of Dissent wide publicity throughout Pakistan and abroad. Our Ulema are so called the protector of  Islam but in fact they are the seller of Islam and we have to understand that as soon as possible while history is full of their notorious roles cause of shame for us not only as Muslims but as a human too.

– Special thanks to Muneeb khan