First crush

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.”

Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?

First crush??  It happened when I was in the 9th grade. This person let just call her J, who was also in the same tuition class. Also I sat next or close to her during class.  Not sure if it like obvious for people to tell when people have a crush on someone or if a magical sign appear over their head that say, X has a crush on Y.  Well people did know that I had a crush on J and people did tease me about or would make some reference that I like her. In elementary some of the other girls would just say that I like her. One guy in junior high would say, “hey he hitting on your girl’  not in mean why, but just enough to make me turn into tomato.

Well if I did get a chance to see this person, I would ask several question, first if she knew I had a crush on her?  Am sure she heard people talk about it, made some reference about it.  I wondering if her close friends ever tease her about it. Second, I always wanted to ask her out as we went through school together, but just to afraid to ask her. I was going to ask her out to prom, but she had mention she wasn’t going because she was leaving town for a family wedding. My second question would be, if should would go out with me today?

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